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LIFELINE • Long Pull Dual Linear Cable


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The LIFELINE DUAL LINEAR CABLE for long pull levers is a simple solution that requires no modifications to your bike or lever. You simply use any readily available long pull lever with this dual linear cable, and it will run both your front and back brakes at the same time.

The cable is teflon coated, and the housing is solid and stiff, and comes with in-line tensioners pre-installed for adjusting on the go.

This is an excellent, affordable solution that just works out of the package.

• Front line is 30", back line is 60"
• Teflon coated cable in heavy duty housing.
• In-line tensioners for on the go adjusting.
• works on nearly any lever with long pull actuation.
• ideal for any situation a cyclist needs to control 2 brakes with 1 lever.